Clairvoyant Medium
Stephanie Bealler-Marquis

Stephanie was born in St. Louis, Missouri, arriving 6 weeks early to greet the world as soon as she could. As a child her gifts began to develop, her gifts where not understood and awaiting for her to recognize them at a later age. A wild child in her youth and hippie at heart, she fell in love with all of nature.

As she got older she learned how to embrace, channel and tune into other energies with her special gifts. Spirit often reminded her of her true purpose to guide others to a higher mind body spirit connection within them. Her mission is to work her light by holding space for those who seek to empower their path! Boy, did the Universe remind her of her true purpose; her tenacity strength and light at time with tools and lessons in life.

"I am giving you tolls to help guide you to bring a true connect to your mind body spirit"


​Evolving in this ever-changing world by many methods to connect to the divine. She continues to learn to heal her self and spread the knowledge to others. Her Cherokee heritage and past life journey's have giving her many tools to help heal and bring back balance and harmony to you and yours. With her Sun in the 9th house, it is said to have blessings of her Paternal Ancestry.

​By following what she loves, connecting to her own authentic light with a longing to help others. While facing any of life challenges that may lie ahead by becoming an observer and aware on their path empowering the mind body spirit connection to them to move towards a more positive connection. What has been handed down from ancestors and nature can bring to us healing, manifesting and spiritual cleansing.

​Find your true path with her and watch as you plant seed of manifesting that hey start to magically unfold before you. She is a traveling Clairvoyant Medium with a love of travel and the experience of life's moments weather its booking a reading, planning a healing day trip, treating yourself to some Reiki or grabbing your girlfriends for a weekend retreat.


What is StudioBSteph?

Well, Steph is Stephanie your Spiritual Trainer!

​StudioB by definition Studio is a place/ space where an artist, photographer, dancer, performer, thinker, sculptor and exercise can be done in. I am holding space and named it StudioB. So that you you can have a safe sacred space to heal, relax, empower and transform to find your own authentic self.

Time for you to bloom!
A beautiful journey awaits you...