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Clairvoyant Medium
Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Guide 

Stephanie Bealler-Marquis

Welcome and Blessings! I believe that Life is a magical classroom learning to love and approve of yourself unconditionally is a beautiful, spiraling journey of Faith.


Known for her detailed readings and accuracy, Stephanie provides deeper insight into the other side of the veil and un known. 


A True Sage in her time, Stephanie has conducted hundreds of readings world wide. She is an Internationally regarded natural Clairvoyant Medium, Seer, and Spiritual Healer. Her old soul reaches far into the areas of root work, herbal healing, spiritual cleanse, a sage, sound healing, angelic guidance, flower essences and more.

Her JOurnY

Reaching her Spiritual path was not easy by any means, life was rough and channeling her inner warrior to push her through her twenties was needed for years. She begins to tap back into what she felt as a young child and embrace it on her spiritual path to positive change. Stephanie realized that being spiritual is not about having that perfect life and living it in a perfect way. She found that it is navigating the messy, hard life experiences with self compassion and self care.


It's about learning to love yourself, and making positive changes when and where you can, even though this is not always the easiest thing to do. Choosing to walk your path with love surrounding you, and forgiving ourselves (and sometimes others) as life will never be completely perfect. She can help you find enlightenment allowing for positive changes to be made along the winding, spiraling, sometimes rocky spiritual path we call Life.


How can Stephanie help me grow?

  • By bringing awareness to your world and teaching you how to tap into your own intuition. 

  • Helping you to tune in spiritually to manifest your own unique world with abundance, love and light.

  • Align to the source energy that is symbolized in everything, the endless supply of Universal light.

  • Using her Clairvoyant Mediumship gifts along with intuition to offer guidance to different aspects of light.

  • Encouraging clients to move in positive directions and face challenges that may lay ahead.

  • Working with her light energy to clear negative energy and bring balance and harmony to you and your loved ones.

Essence to Life!

Alignment - Co-create - Mindfulness 

Healing - Empower - Transform

Manifesting your world!

  1. Align the body and mind​​

  2. Be a great Creator

  3. Be aware of the “Power of the Word”

  4. Intend to have a healthy body

  5. Change the vibration of the inner body to reflect the Highest self


       If you believe these things too, you're in the right place. On this site, you'll find free manifesting rituals, feng shui tips, Cleanse rituals, self care tips and other ways to be kind to yourself. of fun and free resources for you on my blog, and I’m constantly adding more, so please stop in often and sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to receive updates in your inbox.

It’s time to Grow & Bloom

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When you Believe in Yourself 

Magical things start to happen!

Step into the Studio with Steph

Share I originally crossed paths with Steph in 2018 at a healing and arts festival in san antonio tx. I was looking for something to bring me money , but in general I was very ignorant pertaining to spiritual knowledge . I purchased a prosperity shower from her and after I utilized it ..... Oh i learned what prosperity was. I was thinking money , but spirit had something else in mind . At the time I was in a toxic relationship and didn't even realize it, so much money came to me in various ways and it literally kicked off a journey for me to tap into my ancestors , tap into my higher self. Ive started my own buisness and I'd attribute her prosperity shower to that.  Even my cousin was able to kick a very bad drug habit  which I'd also attribute to her special made shower she made for him and his issues . 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 . Im gratefully for her beautiful presence on this earth


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